Mongolian Arms and Armor

Photos taken 2012 in three museums in Mongolia:

  • The Military History Museum, in Ulaanbaatar
  • The Kharakhorin Museum, in Kharakhorin
  • The National Museum of Mongolian History, in Ulaanbaatar

In most instances, I was already lagging behind the tour and barely had time to get the shots at all, so some of the photos are not great – dark, blurry, or with reflections in the display case glass.  I tried to get all the tags, but the museums themselves were a bit haphazard with their labelling at times.  Apologies.  I hope some of these are useful nonetheless.

In the cases where I have books (exhibition catalogs, for instance) with photos of the objects, I’ve supplemented the info in the captions accordingly.

For additional photos from the National Museum, including some artifacts that were not on display while we were there, and also some of the same artifacts displayed with better lighting, see Silk Road Seattle. You can also google for Genghis Khan exhibit or exhibition and turn up museums.  There are good photos at, for instance (note: slow to load).

I’m putting up only pre-17th Century items for now (although, I cannot guarantee that the museums have labeled items accurately).


Other categories of artifacts will be along when I get these done.


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