Mongolia – Mongol Tents – Part 1 The Khitans

I’ve put up a page analysing the examples of Khitan tents in the version of 18 Songs of a Nomad Flute published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Includes yurts/gers of various sizes and complexity, canopy porches, attached vestibules, and wedge tents.

The beautifully detailed illustrations provide a wealth of information about the material culture of one of the 12th Century “proto-Mongol” steppe cultures, on the eve of the Mongol Empire.  The Met offers the full book as a PDF download.

Khitan ger in winter with vestibule


On Court

Note for the Internet at large: This article is about Court ceremonies in the context of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and the people surveyed are New Zealand-based participants in that organization.


I posed the following questions on several local mailing lists, following up responses either in private or on the list as the respondent did:

  What makes Court fun/entertaining?
What do you dislike about Court (and if you avoid it, why)?

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Stuff I want to get done (in no particular order):

  • set up website to store ongoing and completed projects and research.  (in progress, but the fact that you’re reading this is a good sign…)
  • Alan outfits
  • Mongol hats
  • thumb rings
  • Georgian court robes for K’s fencing kit
  • coat
  • Georgian Saints
  • Georgian names from Tbeti Synod
  • more underthings
  • get enameling/jewelry studio set up
  • finish squid pendant
  • put up Mongolian museum galleries
  • put up Court doc (probably the next thing I’ll do after typing this list)
  • write up Georgian front-opening coats
  • write up Georgian crossover coats
  • do more OCR on the North Caucasus costume book